Recommended several times on Torrevieja expat online forums


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Recommended several times on Torrevieja expat online forums

I came across Spanish Solutions as they were recommended several times on Torrevieja expat online forums.

When I first contacted Spanish Solutions, they were very helpful in detailing all of the associated costs and possible issues which should be anticipated when buying a property.

Spanish Solutions were always open to helping out with any questions I had in regard to any othe rinformation I sought regarding the area.

Sandra Spanish Solutions
Sandra – Spanish solutions

Spanish Solutions were careful to itemise all associated fees and allowed me to decide what tasks I wanted to undertake myself and what I wanted them to do. (e.g. obtain NIE number/open bank account ). This was very helpful as my Spanish is still very much at the beginner stages!

Also, they were able to recommend the estate agent, Infinity Casas, who actually took the time to match my particular preferences, price range etc. to the apartments which they showed me!

Once I had chosen the apartment, the staff at Spanish Solutions kept me apprised of the process at all times and estimated a time period of 8 weeks for completion. They also gave me a breakdown of the final expenses to expect. (no surprises!)

My main contact person was Sandra Ricarte, who acted very professionally at all times and who speaks and writes excellent English!

I can highly recommend Spanish Solutions to anybody who is contemplating buying a property in Torrevieja or, indeed, in the surrounding areas! I have great confidence in their professionalism.

Pauline Schalper November 26, 2019

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