Pets After Brexit


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Pets After Brexit

Can you travel with your Pet into the UK after Brexit? What happens your pet after Brexit?

The British Government has issued advice to pet owners planning to enter the UK with their pet in the case of a hard Brexit.

The three scenarios related to Spanish Solutions clients are:
1. people going on holiday in Great Britain with your pet,
2. people moving back to Great Britain with your pet or
3. those travelling from Great Britain to Spain with your pet.

With the UK due to leave the European Union on 29 March and the dreaded no-deal scenario more likely than ever, its time to take practical action wherever possible. This week, (March 11th 2019) a series of votes are to happen in the House of Commons. It’s hoped this will clarify what UK parliamentarians want, although a recent survey in Spain suggest that less than 1 in 4 Spaniards think there will be any result other than a do deal exit for Britain.

In all cases mentioned above, it’s advised that pet owners looking to travel should contact a vet as soon as possible, Do this before setting off to make sure all necessary arrangements and documents are in place.

So what to do with your cat, dog or ferret after 29 March if the UK leaves the EU without a deal?

If you are travelling to the UK, your pet dog/cat/ferret must:

Get vaccinated against rabies.
Have been microchipped before its first rabies vaccination.
Have a Passport issued from the European Union or an EU health cert*
Have a rabies blood test**
Dogs will need to be given treatment against tapeworm by a vet, before re-entering Spain or any other European country.
Anyone bringing a pet dog, cat or ferret into Spain from the UK will have to give the Department of Agriculture advance notice by email before arrival here. Yes, its complicated.

*For return to Spain, you are going to need an EU pet passport. It cannot be a UK-issued EU pet passport as this is now invalid, or you need an EU health cert issued by a British government vet. Note; you will not be able to return to Spain on an EU pet passport issued in the UK. However do hold onto your UK-issued pet passport if you have one- it may have important information about vaccinations and other treatments relating to your pet.

**Remember that before the blood test can be carried out, you must wait at least 30 days after the rabies vaccine was administered.

The vet we spoke to emphasised that you should arrange this test in Spain before you travel.

The reason for this is because if the test is administered in G.B. after 29 March the pet would have to wait 90 days from the date the successful rabies titration test was carried out before it can travel back to Spain.

If on the other hand, you’re moving back to Great Britain with your pet and not returning to the Costa Blanca, its slightly different. Here, the situation is mostly in the UK’s administrative hands. You, like in so many aspects, might need to wait and see what kind of Brexit we get by the end of the month and then we´ll know (maybe?) what the UK government says you’ll need to enter.

They have indicated that pet travel rules may not change for some time after Brexit for entry into the UK, but who knows? We advise you to check with the UK authorities for the latest.

These guidelines have been issued by the Irish government and this is a good indicator for what the relationship with Spain will be too.

Brexit is uncertain. Nobody can say what is going to happen- We are advising all our clients to protect themselves in every way they can, just in case.

If you want to talk to us about inheritance tax, UK driving licence, wills and more, we are here to help.

Please get in touch ASAP, and we´ll do all we can, in English, to help make the transition into Brexit as easy as possible. http://Enquiries




  • Tina Ryves

    We are sailing to Spain with our dog on normal pet passport 8 days before brexit. Our plan is to say for up to six months. Will we be able to return to uk with the pet passport or will additional paperwork be required

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Morning Tina,

      We can not confirm at this stage if additional documents will be required after Brexit,no one knows what changed the Brexit will bring. If there are changes in the documents required, im sure you will be able to arrange them from Spain before heading home.

      Kind regards

  • Lee Edwards

    Hi there,
    Was just wondering if you can exchange /replace UK issued EU pet passport for a Spanish issued EU type after October 31st obviously for a fee and therefore avoid UK hassles regarding vet visits etc 10 days before travel?

    • Amanda Thomas

      Dear Lee, I am sorry but currently we do not deal with pet passports. It may be best to contact a vet. Kind regards.

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