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Law, Tax, Property advice for expats in Spain. 

  • Do you have a property related business in your home country?
  • Are you a real estate professional, (or even a start up) accountant, lawyer or financial advisor?
  • Do you need someone on the ground in Spain to assist your clients with conveyancing, tax and Spanish law. 
  • Are you losing deals in Spain due to lack of a presence here and no qualified, seasoned professionals representing you? 
  • Would your clients benefit from working with a firm with 8,000 happy and satisfied clients over 15 years?
  • Do you need introductions to Spanish builders, developers and estate agents? 
  • Do you need to make sure they are offering you the best deal on the market? 
  • Are you legal, protected from litigation and paying the right amount of tax in Spain? 
  • Do you need a company who can coordinate your client ́s viewing trips in Spain, airport pickups, property viewings, negotiation etc? 

We have negotiated 365 million euro worth of Spanish property deals since 2005. 

Spanish Solutions are not estate agents. We are the glue that makes your Spanish property deals stick. 

We promise your clients will feel comfortable, relaxed and safe with us. 

If you need us to make a presentation in your office regarding the legalities and practicalities of buying property in Spain- we will go to you! 

Do you have your own attractive bricks and mortar location that will be appealing to our business customers? 

Can you sell our services while attracting new clients into your office?  Then take advantage of the obvious (Spanish) solution and get in touch! We are a well respected, knowledgable, professional and relaxed firm with multiple locations in Spain and we’re looking forward to getting to know you.

We hope you are interested in starting a fruitful collaboration with us. All we have to do is start chatting, tell us your needs and we’ll put a formal proposal together for you. We’re usually available to answer any questions you may have about your business and that of your clients. We are very excited to find out how we can support you in your business ventures in Spain. 

For our Spanish law, tax, business set up, property and conveyancing services we are looking for new international partners. These agents can help us offer further business locations to our customers in other countries. In return we help make their Real Estate business a success in Spain.

12 reasons why you should work with The Spanish Solutions

Business Network. 

We are not estate agents but one of our directors (Ian Comaskey) has been personally involved in closing 3,000 property deals before retiring from the business (2002-2018). You ́ll have Ian ́s influence and skills on your side from the first step. We have property rental experience too. Comaskey Rentals was the biggest long term renting business in the area before being acquired in 2018. 

Our reputation, experience and knowledge will assist you to close more deals in Spain. Our friendly, efficient staff will ensure less of your deals fall apart before completion. 

You can save tens of thousands of euro yearly by not having staff in Spain. We are your representatives here. Your clients treat our offices just like their own. Does your client want to shop, play golf or go hiking while in Spain? We ́ll arrange it. Do they need to visit the town hall, bank or developer? We´ll take them. We are your right hand in spain. 

We can not only help your clients, we can help you. We can make sure that your business is set up in a tax efficient and legally logical manner. We know agents who have sold houses in Spain yet still have not been paid! We cut that risk out. 

Spanish Solutions is an internationally recognised brand. We have worked with clients from Ireland, Britain, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Canada, China, UAE, Russia and the USA. Your association with us will bring more clients into your business. 

We speak to the clients before they come here. We explain the process. We help them to get finance, register on the Spanish system and give them practical advice and help. By the time your client comes to Spain, almost all of the uncertainty of buying in Spain has already been removed. This leaves more time for them to make the right decision and buy the right home in Spain. 

Hassle Free setup. There is no initial investment, licence fees or royalties to start working with us. All our IT is web based. We ́ll provide you with turn key CRM, technical and digital help. 

Once you register a client with us, they are a client for life. If they decide not to use our services right now yet some back to us in a year, you will still earn your commission. 

Grow your revenue stream from day one. The product we are selling is a well known one; Legal help in Spain. No selling involved, clients want and need to work with us. 

No long term obligations. If it becomes apparent that we are not a good fit, we can cancel or arrangement and leave as friends. We do not insist on our collaborators signing complicated, binding contracts. We want you to want to work with us! 

Full range of services. We believe that we offer more services than any other law office in Spain. We are open to correction but do you know any other legal team who will meet your clients in their location, take them to meet the relevant builders, ensure they are getting the best deal, ensure you (our client) is getting paid from the developers, provide lawyers, architects, translators, accountants and all with a smile? We didn’t think so. 

Free training and support in Spain and / or in your own office. We love to travel and we ́ll meet you in your office to introduce ourselves, show your team members who we are and how we work. We are constantly there to support you and answer both yours and your clients questions. 

What are the requirements to become a Spanish Solutions Business Network partner? 

  • Run a business at a well located address with an office/ shop which is staffed during regular local business hours.
  • Be open minded and trust us and trust the system. We have been doing this for a long time and we know how the system works here in Spain. 
  • Have the ability to meet Spanish property buyers and only sell the right property to them. We have lost agents in the past as we refuse to work with those who place the size of a commission ahead of what is best for the client. 
  • Be motivated to provide Spanish Solutions customers with an honest and reliable tax/law and conveyancing service. In return we provide your clients with a property and conveyancing service on the ground in Spain. Win/win/win! 

Is it time to reignite your business in Spain? We are help to help you. Why not get in touch with our Pilar De La Horadada or La Zenia offices and we ́ll make you a proposal tailored just for you!

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