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Are you aware that with effect from 12th May a new law dicatates that a record of your staff’s daily hours must be kept? Basically a timesheet of when they start and end their working day.

A new Law 8/2018 was approved in Spain on March 8th, which comes into force on May 12th. From then if you are a business owner in Spain, employing staff, then you must keep a record of your employees, when they sign into work and when they finish.

It does not matter if they work in one place, or are out and about all the time, it is only those two times that need to be recorded. These records need to be kept available so that social security inspectors can inspect them, and also for the member of staff.

If an employer does not do this and is caught fines will range from just over 600€ to over 6,000€, so it is best to comply.

Your laboral office should already have informed you and so please check with them how you should comply with the new rules. They will advise you how best to record entry and exit times.

Why has this law been introduced?

Social Security has known for may years that businesses give contracts with shorter hours detailed than people are actually doing, so that the company does not have to pay social security for all the hours the staff really are doing. So they are finding a way to try to control this, plus unofficial overtime as they are aware that a lot of this goes on.

It does not matter if you have one employee or thirty, we recommend that you contact your laboral office who looks after your staff issues to discuss this.

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