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Clients often ask us who is the lawyer in Spanish Solutions. We had this question only this week. In fact we have two.

Many of our existing clients know that Spanish Solutions has been associated with Pedro Molina and Molina Solicitors for over a decade now. In fact, we are very proud to be so closely tied to them as together we have won many cases for our clients, when it seemed all hope was lost.

Pedro Molina and his associate Lourdes López Oller are both solicitors and barristers and have won in the local Courts, the High Courts and the Supreme Court of Spain representing our clients in cases against the banks, developers and many others.

Molina Solicitors

Pedro Molina qualified in law in 2002 and founded Molina Solicitors with Soraya O’Rourke in 2007. They have a small and close knit team. He is registered with the College of Abogados (Solicitors) in Elche, as is Lourdes. Their registration numbers are 1156 (Pedro) and 1677 (Lourdes). They are professional barristers, and they split the cases including change of ownership of deeds including donations and divisions of joint tenancy, family matters (divorce, inheritance, child custody). Also civil and administrative issues relating to town halls, taxes and planning problems, and also criminal and employment files.

The firm, Molina Solicitors, have their own website  and at the bottom of the home page you can press the link to the College of Abogados in Elche (and if you so wish, locate both lawyers by their registration numbers.)

Many of you will know our main contact is Amanda Thomas who deals with all our legal issues meeting clients in our offices, as do both lawyers at times. Amanda is a certified UK Paralegal at the highest level (a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals) and most clients only meet the lawyers after going some way in their case preparation or advice with her. There is also a link on the website demonstrating that it is registered with the Professional Paralegal Register, due to Amanda (Membership number 209716).

Spanish Solutions

Sandra and all of the girls in Spanish Solutions are extremely experienced in their particular areas of expertise and qualified to deal with most matters, including conveyancing. However, when a lawyer is needed, we only recommend Molina Solicitors who are also on the British Consulate list of lawyers : (see here and click to download the Alicante list).

Pedro, Lourdes, Amanda and team have a very high success rate with legal cases and provide an excellent professional service, alongside the comprehensive service our Spanish Solutions office also provides on other issues such as conveyancing, Traffic matters, Taxes, NIES and Residencias, tourist licences, as a straightforward law office do not usually cover these.

Together in Spanish Solutions we have the full team, ready to help you with most legal, tax and paperwork matters you need assistance with. Such as with a private banking service, for example, you have one person dedicated to answering your legal queries, another dealing with taxes and another with other matters usually. You have a strong team to support you for all the time you live, own and work in Spain. We feel that there are very few other English speaking firms with the extent of capabilities that we have here, both in our office and online.

We hope this explains a little about our lawyers and please contact us with any questions you have or for any assistance. We are here to help. We are currently completing a lot of early inheritances (passing on property to children for our clients, due to an impending change in taxation).

*The photo shows Pedro after recently completing a different challenge from the usual Court work.

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