New Normality in the Valencia Community


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Please note changes are continuing to happen. Please refer to N332 facebook for the latest updates.

As at midnight on Sunday morning (21st June), the Estate of Alarm ended in Spain and we enter into a new normality in the Valencia Community.

Many people think that everything is back to “normal” or how it used to be. However, as you will see from the rules for this region now, we are far from that situation for a while….

Where does the new normality in the Valencia Community cover?

Firstly, these new rules apply the three provinces of the Valencia Community; Alicante, Valencia and Castellón, that is those that live in those regions. Or who are currently in them.

Main New Rules

  • You can now travel throughout Spain without restrictions
  • You must keep 1.5m metres from 3rd parties. If not possible, you must use a face mask
  • You have to wear a mask if aged 6 and over and in the following cases where you cannot maintain 1.5m of distance

a) On roads, outside and in any public closed space
b) On air, sea, bus, rail transport, in cars or taxis, if you do not live in the same household (for cars)

* Exceptions for those with breathing illnesses


Whenever possible teleworking is encouraged. Fir information, 100% of the Administration of the Valencia Government will now recommence face to face work.

Meetings, conferences can be held with a maximum capacity of 75% and with distancing or masks.

Hygiene and usual disinfecting measures to be carried out in businesses.


From 19th June 2020, nursery schools (0-3) has been permitted. Suspension of educational activity and face to face lessons in universities is maintained.

Social Activities

There is no limitation now on numbers of people meeting outside on terraces etc.

Shops and Services

All premises can open now.

The rules are:-

  • 75% of the total capacity to be used on each floor. (Not applicable to essential stores during the State of Alarm such as pharmacies).
  • Priority time table for over 65 years
  • Visable signage of maximum capacity maintained
  • Dispensers of gels or disinfectants for workers and clients
  • Card payment encouraged (avoiding cash). Card readers to be cleaned and disinfected after use.
  • In clothing stoes, changing rooms must be used by a single person and cleaned and disfected after each use. After trying or returning clothes must be sanitised.

Shopping Centres

  • Shopping Centres have a maximum capacity of 60% in common areas and 75% in establishments
  • Recreational areas, such as children’s areas and rest areas cannot be used (common areas are only for moving around)
  • Shops must follow hygiene and safety measures and maintain social distancing of 1.5m


A limit of 75% of the usual stores. The Council will establish distance requirements between stalls to guarantee safety

Bars and Restaurants

  • Maximum capacity of 75%
  • Consumption allowed inside bars and restaurants sitting at a table
  • Consumption also allowed standing up at a bar if a minimum separation of 1.5m between customers
  • Capacity of outdoor terrace can be up to 100% of the tables but there must be 2m between tables
  • Maximum occupancy, in both cases, 20 people per table or group of tables and there must be 2 metres between tables of grouping of tables
  • Items such as salt and pepper and olive oil etc must be eliminated from the table and only use disposable items, such as sachets

Night Life establishments

Open in the Valencia Community with a maximum capacity of one third and dancing is not allowed

Hotels and Tourist Accomdation

  • Establishments can open all their rooms
  • They can open common areas to the public with a maximum capacity of 75
  • Group activities must be planned with a maximum capacity of 30 people and preferably held outdoors
  • Hotel pools and spas can open with the same rules as public pools


  • Cinemas, theatres etc can open with pre-assigned seating and 75% maximum capacity
  • Outdoor acts and shows: public must remain seated and events accomodate up to 800 people (maximum capacity of 75%)
  • Zoos and aquariums open with a maximum capacity of 75%

Non Professional sports

  • Individual exercise without physical contact and sports practiced in pairs (such as tennis) are permitted in groups up to 30
  • Training without physical contact can be practiced (up to 30 in open facilities) and 20 in closed facilities
  • In sports facilties (clubs and gyms), sports can be practised withour physcial contact as above
  • One user for each 4m squared of surface dedicated to sport use
  • Changing rooms, showers and toilets can be used
  • Cleaning and disnfecting at least 2 times per day
  • Swimming pools maximum capacity one user per 4m squared of water
  • Individual practice of groups up to 10 (no contact)
  • Can use changing rooms and showers
  • Nature activities and outdoor sports can be practiced freely in groups of up to 50 people


Public, hotel and communal:-

  • 75% capacity provided physical distance of 1.5m between people
  • showers and changing rooms can be used up to a max of 75% of capacity (keeping 1.5m distance)
  • users to be reminded of hygiene and prevention regulations
  • cleaning and disinfecting prior to opening each day


Rules for Beaches are established by each town hall so may vary. The Orihuela Council has made the following rules:-

  • do not go to the beach if you have symptoms of illnesses
  • use the access points that appear on the map
  • avoid ball games, races
  • bring only life jackets (not other inflatables)
  • can bring a parasol and chairs but not use them to reservce a place only
  • respect a distance of at least 4m between parasols
  • avoid 3rd parties not from the saem household
  • respect the distance of at least 2m between people, also in sea
  • keep an area of at least 6m free to walk from the shore
  • use of toilets and foot washers not available

Rental of jet skis, pedal boats etc must comply with hygiene and disinfectant regulations

Monuments in the Valencia Community are open, for individuals, people from same household or groups up to 20 (as long as visits do not exceed capacity of 75%)

These regulations are taken from the Asociación of Neighbours Cabo Roig and Lomas (do follow them on facebook), from the Agreement of June 19th of the Generalitat Valencia, published 20th June 2020. For the detail please see

We regret that we cannot answer questions on these guidelines.

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