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Might you have a case for a legal claim that would be No Win No Fee? Maybe against a Bank for a lost deposit, regarding Monte Puchol, Fortuna Golf, Trampolin Hills?

Many clients who lost money on a deposit on a property in Spain are now only interested in taking a claim forward without any risk. We understand this and are willing to offer two options; paying normal legal fees or offering No Win No Fee.

With No Win No Fee, we would put up all of the costs in advance, although we will wish these to be refunded if the clients win and gain a substantial sum back. The clients have a good chance of obtaining a high percentage of the winning sum plus legal interest for no outlay.

We do not take cases on unless we think we have a very good chance of winning.

We need to be a team and work together with the clients; we cannot do it alone to have the best chance of a successful result. We discuss the issue with the clients, they would need to attend Court at least once in the years to come, and at times we may ask what happened at a particular time or where might a particular document have gone.

We have already been successful on many occasions and also managed to have No Win No Fee cases settle in a couple of months out of Court, but this is rare.

The Risk

There is no risk for the clients if we were to lose, as we then suffer the Court expenses.

We will study the case for free and if we think it is a good case, good enough that we hope that it is worth the risk for us, we will advise you giving the options and explaining the process. We study documentation provided very carefully, which make take some time before we are able to give our report.

Once the options are given and the process agreed, we would send a contract between the clients and us in English and Spanish to look over in advance.

What type of cases can we assist with on a No Win No Fee basis?

Firstly, the cases whereby people paid a deposit on an off-plan property less than 15 years ago and the builder disappeared, went into bankruptcy or fled and the client never got that money back. There are unfortunately so many of these and people do not realise that now there is a very good chance at times of getting the funds back in full with interest by suing the Bank. Monte Puchol, Fortuna Golf, Trampolin Hills … all are these type of cases.

Other cases we may consider No Win No Fee for are those where the clients never obtained the deeds of their property and found out the property was never transferred into their name.

What is needed?

Clients must realise that to have a case they are going to need most of the following, although some documents can sometimes be obtained with our help:

– purchase contract
– proof of amounts paid by credit card or bank transfers
– the correspondence (if applicable) between the clients and the property developers (and any other written communications that may be of use for the case)
– copies of any Court papers

Having the contracts, copies of all payments, any correspondence, emails, is all very important. Any legal case needs proof and evidence and with this paperwork, we may be able to help clients sue and recover all of their money and interest and costs.  For clients to claim the property must have been built or intended to have been built on Spanish soil, or the case does not fall under our jurisdiction.

We cannot promise to help everyone who approaches us, (we wish we could), but there is nothing to be lost by sending us a quick email and asking about a case. We should advise that we are not able to take on all cases on a No Win No fee basis but we will give our opinion and advice in most cases for free. Sometimes further documentation is required to evaluate a case (such as an expert medical report).

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