Cheap and Easy Divorce in Spain Without Being Present at the Notary


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Cheap and Easy Divorce in Spain Without Being Present at the Notary

We wrote a year ago an article about a new law (Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction) which made it possible for a couple to divorce simply and easily at a Spanish Notary, not in Court, when there  are no children under 18 years old, and it is an amicable divorce.

The Notary used must be the one in the area where one or both of the parties last lived or the usual residence of them. However, and this is very interesting, the applicants do not have to be present at the Notary.

A qualified solicitor must prepare the Deed of Divorce according to the Civil Code and can be provided with power of attorney by both parties so they do not have to attend the Notary to sign.

Thus a divorce in Spain, when in agreement, and no mutual children in common, may be achieved simply and easiy and cheaply, paying only notary fees, modest solicitor fees and for a power of attorney.

Our original article is below and if we can help with this, please let us know


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