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Sometimes I think people forget (because we do so much) the legal services provided by Spanish Solutions.

The Spanish Legal system works very differently from many other countries (such as with property being passed on after someone’s death) and matters that could be easily resolved in your own country become bewildering when in another, due to differences in the law or in the language. We can assist with a large variety of Spanish legal services.

Whether you need help in applying for building permissions for house renovations or require legal representation to look over contracts, we are here for you.

We cover many diverse legal services and provide assistance with all aspects of legal work that may be required.


The main legal issue that we deal with is the legal work associated with the legal process of buying and selling houses in Spain, so please contact us also if you are thinking of buying or selling a property.  We are extremely experienced, having been dealing with this since 2005 and are thorough, professional and friendly.


Unfortunately there are people who have purchased off-plan properties and there may have been a breach of contract on the part of the developer, as the property has not been built as planned (as they were sold without the required building licences) or there has been a breach of contract by the developer not building the property within the time frame originally agreed. Alternatively, the developer has not built the property to the standard originally promised in the contract (not in accordance with the building plans).

If the developer may have been in breach of contract, you have the right to make a legal claim. If you would like to request our legal assistance and discuss the case, please advise us.


Having a tenant in a property (either residential or commercial) does not always go smoothly and if you are having problems and require help with a non-paying tenant or one that is causing disruption or damage and would like to request our legal assistance to discuss tenant eviction, please let us know.


Worried about Employment in Spain? Whether it is an employment law dismissal case or advice on employment issues regarding staff in your company, you may at times need an employment lawyer in Spain.


Are you dealing with a separation agreement, wondering how to get a divorce in Spain or child custody arrangements? We have helped sensitively with many cases of divorce in Spain, separation, child custody, maintenance arrangements etc. If you need a divorce lawyer or a family lawyer or would like our assistance with another matter, please contact us.


Spanish probate services. We are able to deal with inheritance in Spain and Spanish probate, both explaining to you the inheritance tax payable on your estate at the present time and, managing the probate process for your heirs after your death. Whether or not a Spanish Will has been made, we prepare all the Spanish documentation required and handle the tax payable.


There are times that you may wish to bring a legal action against a person or company that you believe has caused you damage or loss as a result of their actions.

If you need a business lawyer in Spain or a dispute lawyer, we are able to assist with negotiating between you in order to endeavour to try to resolve the dispute and if this is not possible, to bring it to Court.


With a personal injury claim, we will initially advise on the likelihood of successfully pursuing the claim and the possible compensation that you may recover and then assist you throughout the process. Occasionally we may be able to offer No Win No Fee.


We have assisted with a variety of criminal cases including domestic violence, fraud, traffic accidents, drink driving defence and assaults.


Certain legal situations are dealt with by government-appointed boards or tribunals, rather than by courts of law. “Administrative Law” refers to the area of law which relates to boards and tribunals, their activities, and the hearings before such bodies.  Among the matters dealt with by such administrative bodies are land use, land development, labour relations, landlord and tenant rights, and income and property taxes.


The field of civil litigation relates to all kinds of disputes, from contractual to personal injuries. Matters relating to social security, pensions, creditors rights, builders’ liens, debt collection and wrongful dismissal also fall within civil litigation.


We know ourselves how annoying it is when another business or person attempts to copy and use your trademark or logo. Intellectual property and trademarks used to differentiate a service or product are important. Proper searching and registration of trademarks, copyright and patent protection are important to protect your property and prevent future patent and copyright problems.

This is just a small selection of the services we offer. If we can help you with any of these, please let us know.

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