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Anyone who has suffered an accident that was not their fault hopes for a personal accident payout. Even better if the case is on a No Win No Fee basis.

Client Hit by Car

We helped a lady who approached us, having been hit by a car outside Zenia Boulevard, Orihuela Costa. This is a large commercial centre and she was not only hit by a car that failed to stop. In addition, she was crossing a zebra crossing at the time.

Our poor client suffered a broken leg, broken ribs and some other damage. The police were called and took details. She was taken to hospital and treated in Spain. Once back home she had to have further follow ups with her doctor and a lot of physiotherapy. The physiotherapy was not free and was expensive. The lady was not working as past retirement age, but had suffered a great deal.

Personal Accident – Help with a Payout

Obviously our poor client wanted compensation for her suffering and her expenses. We advised that we were able to help, although at this time we were not offering a No Win No Fee (which does depend on circumstances). We were provided with the police report, medical reports, photographs. Also with the physiotherapy bills and insurance details of the car that hit her.

We agreed a provision of funds to pay for letters to the insurance company and to the other driver. We also agreed to be paid a % of what we managed to obtain for the client, estimating it would be about 3,000€ at that time for her. Our client had to return to Spain to be examined by another doctor and eventually we came to an out of court settlement of close to 15,000€. (Compensation paid in Spain is nothing like the US for example).

Personal Accident Cases

Clients wishing to pursue a personal accident claim need to remember that we need medical reports, police reports (if appropriate). Also proof of expenses and a clear proof that the accident was as the result of negligence. These cases also need to be in our area. We cannot guarantee No Win No Fee but we will say if we can offer this possibility. Please contact us if we can help with a personal accident claim.

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