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As we grow more and more attached these days to our mobile phones with them rarely leaving our side, what exactly are the laws when driving in Spain and mobile phones?

Not only is it prohibited to speak on a mobile phone only on hands-free, but also it is forbidden when on the road to pick up a mobile phone to read or write a message, even if waiting at a traffic light, or with the engine idling waiting for someone. If a vehicle has the engine running when on a road, it is considered driving by the Road Safety Act.

If the vehicle has been stopped, you should always be aware of the traffic and only when it is parked or completely out of the way, it is acceptable to pick up the phone. Sat in a car park, for example, you can use your mobile phone.

So talking on the phone whilst driving which you still may see sometimes (terrible as it is), parked by the side of the road with the engine running, answering WhatsApp quickly, checking social networks (how many accidents have happened linked to people checking popular social media, I wonder) or just having the telephone in your hand while driving; all these can be subject to a fine of 200 euros and 3 points on a licence.

I have a parrot hands-free system in my car for emergency calls, and even better, we should just stop and park up properly to make calls. However, please note that hands-free is allowed, but using wireless earpieces is not permitted, as headphones are not allowed. 

At the weekend, my friend and I actually saw a woman park on a corner of a roundabout in Orihuela Costa to take a call. Really dangerous!

And the use of social networks by youngsters can be fatal.

N332 Article on Use of Mobiles

Finally, the N332 group has a great blog on this. You should all take a look at their website from time to time. It is a mine of useful information

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  • SMC

    Citation. It would be great if you would clarify where you’re getting this information from.

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Morning SMC,

      One of our staff wrote this directly from excerpts of the Spanish law provided by N332 (Guardia Civil taffic police), as she translated for their book on Spanish traffic law and it was checked by them. The n332 site can probably provide more information. We hope this helps.

      Kind regards

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