Have you ever had a water leak at your property in Orihuela Costa?


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This article applies to people who are with the company “Hidraqua”.

Sometimes you may not even realise that you have a water leak until you get the unpleasant surprise of a bill that amounts to thousands of euros. When the water company come out to read the meter, if they see that you have used an unusually large amount of water, they do their best to try and notify you by phone, email or even by putting a handwritten note on your front door. If you only use your property as a holiday home the message might not get to you in time and the water company do not always turn off the supply in these cases.

Claiming Money Back

However, did you know that you can claim some of the money back when you have had a leak? This article applies to people who are with the company “Hidraqua”.

The first thing you need to do is get the leak fixed by a qualified plumber. Make sure you get a receipt with a full description of the works carried out. You can then go to the water company and start the process to claim for a refund.  You can do this even if the water leak was inside your property. The amount of money that you get back varies depending on the amount of the bills that you received while you had the leak, you could end up with a refund of hundreds of euros!

Once you have started your claim, you will be given another form to fill in to take to the town hall to claim for the drainage part of your bill which is separate from the actual water supply. So, in effect, you are claiming for two things, water that has been wasted due to a leak and the drainage of that water. If you live in another area such as San Miguel, San Pedro, or Torrevieja, you may only be able to claim for the drainage part of your bill, not the actual water consumption. This article applies to people who are with the company “Hidraqua”.

If you need any assistance when making a claim to the water company, please contact Gema at Spanish Solutions on 966761741.


  • Trevor Chapman

    We have recieved a letter advising of abnormal useage. Sure enoughg our meter is going crazy. I tried to contact Hidraqua but my Spanish is limited and they did not seem interested in helping.I think the leak is in the street. What do I do please ?

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Morning Trevor,

      We understand your concern and also the urgency to get this matter resolved.

      We would suggest calling a plumber or your insurance company who will be able to confirm where the leak is coming from and also take the measures to stop it. When the leak has been contained, request a report detailing the leak and the repair and with this a claim can be submitted to Hydragua.

      Should you need any assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact us, we have dealt with many claims for water leaks.

      We hope you get this mater resolved swiftly.
      Kind regards

  • Marina

    The only problem with the above advice is that if you have had a leak within the last 4 years and then suffer another leak, Hidraqua will not help you.

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Evening Marina,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      We have dealt with 2 claims for the one customer within the one year, we would recommend contacting Hidraqua to confirm why they have rejected your claim. If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards

  • Debbie Hills

    We have a water leak coming from under our terrace wall, the water is running along the pavement and onto the road. Our water meter is positioned at the top of our rather steep drive. Hidraqua came out twice and confirmed my meter was fine, therefore the leak was between the meter down to the roadway, or they said it was our waste pipe, either way, Hidraqua insisted the responsibility was mine. I contacted my insurance company, they sent an assessor who said Hidraqua were talking rubbish, the water was definitely fresh not waste and was not on my side of the meter. The assessor contacted Hidraqua but the company refuse to make the repairs, they have offered to turn the water off whilst we make the repair. My insurance company is Liberty Seguros. Meanwhile my neighbour opposite the roadway is worried about the continuous flow of water onto the road.

    • Ian C.

      Hello Debbie,
      This is a bad situation. Water tends to go everywhere so apart from the water bill, you need to make sure you are not damaging the property.
      In our experience, the water company is usually right.
      Why not send Spanish Solutions a letter of authorisation? For say, 100 euro, we’ll contact the water company for you, ask to see maps where they have located the leak and then explain to Liberty Seguros what they need to do.
      Does this sound reasonable to you?

      Kind wishes,


  • Jo phillips

    Water leak in mains supply
    Please quote

    • Ian C.

      Hello Jo,

      Do you have a leak?
      We had an issue last summer where we had a bill of 6,000 euro- We complained to the water company and they realised that the mistake was theirs.
      Either speak directly to the water company or we can, of course, do it.

      Please let me know if we can help you,



  • Ruth

    We have a property in a community. There has been a leak in the community area outside our house but after our meter. A large water bill has been amassed but reduced by the water company
    but still our tenant has to pay €120 and we have to pay €500,00 the community fund paid for the pipe repairs but say we have to pay the water bill. Is this correct as the damaged pipe is not within our property.

    • Amanda Thomas

      Dear Ruth, Our lawyer said ”
      If the break was in the community, it should also be responsible for the difference compared to the previous invoice.In any case, they can try to claim that increase in the bill to the community ( insurance). Kind regards

  • johann Helgason

    we here in Torreveija live in a new big apartment building. We have had water leak sins 2021 January in tree apartment two on 8 floor and 1 in 7 floor. The company wish build it has not be able to solve the problem. We don’t think it is a pip leak, loos like the water is coming from outside . We need a experienced people to find and stop the leak. regards johann

    • Nicola Ryan

      Morning Johann,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      If you have insurance for the property, we would recommend that you contact them directly as they will be able to locate the leak and determine where the problem is.

      We hope this helps.
      Kind regards

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