Holidays in Spain during COVID-19


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Holidays in Spain Covid passport

Spain’s secretary of state for tourism has said that there is good news and good times ahead for foreign tourists coming to Spain. We want to give you the latest news about Holidays in Spain during COVID-19.

When will reopen the Spanish borders?

Fernando Valdés said that the country aims to reopen overseas holidaymakers from June. They will do it under the Covid digital health certificate scheme. 

He was speaking at the  World Travel and Tourism Summit in Mexico this week. 

Tourist will be able to travel with a COVID passport. In this passport, you will need to show:

  • Have the Vaccine
  • Or recently recovered from the Covid virus.

He said that this is vital in offering certainty to tourists coming to Spain”.

Spain would participate in a pilot digital certificate scheme in May Valdés said.

He hopes the floodgates for travel will open on June 12st although the passport is “not a magic wand”, despite seeing “a real before and after situation about to develop”. Europa Press who was present at the summit said he promised a degree of security because of testing and vaccination.

These two factors will allow tourists to travel back to popular areas such as Alicante and the Costa Del Sol if they are unlikely to carry the virus here. Spain really depends on tourism. About 12 per cent of its GDP in fact yet is in its fourth wave of the pandemic. 

Reopening measures are well underway with bars, restaurants, golf courses and mask-less beaches proving popular with the foreigners who travelling over the past number of weeks.

The government says that 15 million of the vaccine have been administered up to 28/4/2021. 

Vaccination process in Spain

Spain’s population is 47 million people and 4 million people are already receiving both doses.

According to the Spanish government, 70 per cent of the population will be vaccinated by the end of the summer.

Spain is the most popular foreign destination for most holidaymakers in Europe. 

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