Insurance in Spain During Coronavirus


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Insurance. What do do if you have a claim, renewal etc.

Many businesses are still running on the Costa Blanca because they need to and we need them. The Insurance sector is one such business. We heard from Right Move insurance for example, this week and that is certainly a vital service. We deal with Donna and a few other insurance brokers.

Here is what she has to say about the Coronavirus and how it impacts insurance in Spain: I’ve summarised a few general points below and I hope Donna will forgive my plagiarism.  If you have a claim, Contact them via email or call or WhatsApp.

Donna:- “It is the same situation for new or existing claims. Getting workmen for essential repairs out to private houses during these times is still allowed. Talk to Right Move first, before you set up the repairs.  

For car claims these will take longer as many of the garages are closed. But we are still here to help so please don’t worry.


Having to pay for your car insurance, especially when your vehicle is sitting outside your home is not nice. Most brokers want to help. It is possible to split your payments with no added interest. Clients can alternatively downgrade their cover.  Even if your vehicle is not being used, and simply parked in the driveway you must have, at the minimum, third party insurance.

Right Move can take payment remotely, with documents and receipts being emailed later. During the lockdown your insurance is valid. If your ITV is due for renewal or has expired, insurance is still valid until the ITV stations around the country reopen. You will not be fined for driving without a current ITV during the lockdown. 

If your driving licence expires during the current State of Alarm in Spain, it will automatically be extended to cover this time. You’ll have a further 60 days after the state of alarm has been lifted.  If you are driving on a legal foreign licence and have not reached the point where this should have been converted to a Spanish driving licence, you can continue to drive on that licence during this state of alarm. “

Thanks to Right Move for the information. Check them out on Facebook, and they will keep you informed!


  • Colin Frier

    Driving home from UK early June have French documents do I need anything to drive across Spain 2 adults residents and 2 dogs

    • Ian C.

      Hello Colin,

      I’d need to see the documents you have form France.
      Have you got your pet passport is place?
      Let us know if you need any help,



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