Requirements for UK buyers in Costa Blanca South


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Another problem that comes with Brexit. Possible Requirements for UK buyers in areas of Costa Blanca South

A Decree in 1978 stated property located within a certain distance of the Spanish Air Force headquarters in San Javier and Navy facilities. In Cartagena required authorisation from The Ministry of Defence for any non-EU citizens purchasers. This affects areas of Orihuela Costa, including Pilar de la Horadada, parts of San Miguel de Salinas and Cartagena, which are close to the military base perimeters. For UK citizens this now means they will require this when purchasing in these areas. Also, for non-EU citizens who have homes here and want to do additions and reforms the same will apply.

How long does it take?

We need to submit the application by recorded delivery to the Ministry of Defence with legalised documents. The permit can take up to 4 months. The Decree gives 2 months for the documents to be looked at, and 2 months to give the response, and grant or decline the permission.

What does this mean for our clients and prospective clients. If you are currently looking at properties, we can do a check for 50 euros to confirm if it is in one of the areas requiring this authorisation. This fee will be refunded from any full military checks or conveyancing with us once you proceed with a purchase.  

We can then start the full process for you immediately once this requirement has been confirmed by the Land Registry. No matter where you are, once you have a local UK notary give us Power of Attorney. Or if you are in Spain, you can come to our office, or again you can authorise Power of Attorney. We will advise of the documents required and do any translations required. We will guide you on every step of the way so please get in touch and let us help.

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  • Mark

    A few questions regarding the military permit:-
    1. Is it possible to apply for multiple permits on different properties? for example, two properties are of interest but undecided on which one to purchase.
    2. If the permit is granted for property A and we change our minds does that mean it will take another 2-4 months to reapply for a permit for property B or is the process quicker because all the personal background checks for property A have been previously carried out.
    3. If incorrect property details are returned in the permit how long does it take to get the permit details corrected?

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Morning Mark,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Exciting times ahead for you, which part of Spain do you intend to buy.

      Not all properties require the Military check, and when you apply for the military check you have to submit the property purchase contract as part of the file. The military check is done once you have chosen and secured your property. Should you need any assistance with the military check or locating your dream Spanish Property, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to help you.

      Kind regards

  • John Renshaw

    What was the cost of a military permit in May 2021? We know now that we do not need one.

    • Nicola Ryan

      Good Morning John,

      We would imagine that each company would offer a different price for the military check, is there a specific reason to why you need this information, please.

      Kind regards

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