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How many times have you been asked for a document to be sent to a firm like us or elsewhere and there is that familiar sinking of heart; “Oh no! I have to try to tackle the scanning part of my photocopier or I have to take my deeds to a friend for them to scan” or even, “Well, I will need to make a journey to the company (if local) to drop it in”.
Sometimes it is easy to forget about the little tricks that have been developed to help us out these days, like scanning applications on your mobile telephone.
It is not something that most of us think about, but it is actually a really good idea to download a scanning application for documents.
On an Android for example you would simply type in Play Store (an application on your telephone for obtaining apps) “Document Scanning App” and a whole list of them will come up as options. The top few might have a box with “Ad” inside it, which is clearly an application where they have paid to be placed first in your choosing process.
Android have CamScanner as their “Editor’s Choice”, so for example, if you were to choose that one, what happens next?
You simply click on it, then click the green button “Install” and download the application to your mobile.  We recommend always downloading when you are connected to wifi and not using your mobile data.  Once it has downloaded you click the green button “Open” and are directed to a page to Sign In or to Register.
It is a simple job to register with your email and then you will most likely be asked to input a code from an activation email sent to you. You simply do this and you will be ready to rock and roll.
Usually these apps are fairly straightforward. In CamScanner, for example, just press on the tab “My Docs” and you are ready to start scanning. I pressed on the green “Start scanning” button (I wonder why they are always green) and was asked if I would allow CamScanner to take pictures and video. After pressing “Allow” I am redirected to another screen where it actually says “Tap here for an experience”.
Slightly warily…I tap this and see a screen with all of a document contained within the outline. This is a quick guide on use of the scanner and by pressing the flashing ticks it takes me through a quick illustration of what it can do (which to my disappointment does not involve anything that I would call “an experience”).
However, after this, I have established that it is very simple to scan my passport by pressing the camera button and then following through. Hey presto, my passport is saved and ready to email wherever I want to send it to using the universal share button in the top right hand corner. I can share to whatsapp, email or wherever I wish. I can also save it with the name passport so I can find it in that app. You can scan and convert to a jpeg or pdf document. You get usually better quality on the pdf document, and you can also scan multiple pages into one document only, which is sometimes very handy…
One comment: maybe these scanners do not scan the document as clearly as a larger, more professional scanner, however, for many issues they are a very useful aid and something to remember when your solicitor or accountant needs something.
Some of you may be wondering why not just take a photo. Yes, you can, but sometimes it is hard to focus and get the page edges right etc. A scanner app does that automatically and also they are better quality than a photo. The next time we ask for something at Spanish Solutions, just give  a scanning application a try! They are available on android, i-phone etc.

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