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UPDATE: We now may be out of time for Lost Deposits but check with us anyway.

The Spanish Government changed the law in 2015 that reduced the Statute of Limitations to five years in cases where Spanish developers went bankrupt and the property our clients paid for was never completed.

Spanish Solutions has taken cases against the major banks, as they had a duty of care to the clients for transfers made to builders in Spain who later filed for bankruptcy. The result was clients lost money in some cases over 100,000 euro from off plan developments that were never finished.

Unfortunately,  when the time specified in a statute of limitations passes, a claim might no longer be filed.  This time limit is October 2020. After this time, when the statute of limitations expires, the Courts no longer have jurisdiction and we cannot help our clients to claim their money back.

No Win No Fee Cases

Our success rate has been very high in the cases we took over the past 6 years or so, especially for the clients who engage us on a No Win No Fee basis.  Unfortunately, some clients took other options in a bid to reclaim their down payments, deposits and stage payments, which proved less successful.

If you have lost money on a new development in Spain, such as putting a deposit down on a new build, and you lost it, you now have one more opportunity to work with Spanish Solutions on a No Win No Fee basis.

When we are confident of winning, if we accept your case (there is only a limited number we can do) we will take over all your costs, court fees, barrister fees and expenses. If you lose you don’t pay anything, assuming we win, we take a % of the profit.  If you’re interested in a No Win No Fee case , our advice is please hurry to contact us about your case . Literally there are days remaining…..

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