Purchasing Property in Spain


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Purchasing Property in Spain

Purchasing property can often seem like a daunting process. You should look for a team who are very experienced .

Our legal team prepares all. the paperwork. You can relax knowing we make buying a property as easy and stress-free as possible.

We double check the legalities of the property purchase. Also provide advice and legal contracts between both parties and translation in the Notary. We accompany you at every step of the way.  It is so important that all these aspects are dealt with by experienced people to ensure no problems arise in the future.

Our Spanish conveyancing service

We prepare all paperwork for the Notary appointment. Also liase with the Seller’s solicitors, following your instructions all the way. We check the property in the Land Registry and translate for you. We deal with all the tax side, which is very important, as there is a purchase tax. If this is not done properly you will get a big bill afterwards.

Of course, we arrange payment of the Land Registry and Notary as it is important that your title deeds are collected from the Notary and registered in the Land Registry.

We are professional and friendly and ensure that the Spanish legalities of house buying and selling are dealt with properly and efficiently.

If you wish to use our property services, contact us for more information.

(Please note that this is subject to location). It may not be in your best interests to use a conveyancing firm far away from the property that you are purchasing.


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