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We can help you pay this without you needing to come to Spain, and can do this for properties all over Spain.

You may already be a non-resident tax payer and wish to compare prices of the returns. Please contact

What is the non-resident tax?

Non-Resident tax is the commonly used term for the small tax paid by non-resident Spanish property owners. Many people do not realise that they need to pay non-resident tax for the days that their property is not rented out. 

When a property is owned by a married couple or various different people, each owner on the title deeds is defined as an independent tax payer, which means that an individual tax return must be filed separately by each of the co-owners.

If the property is only used by the owner and not let, the tax is based on the property´s cadastral value (found on the SUMA/IBI council tax bill for the property). The return has to be presented and paid by 31st December each year, for the previous calendar year, so a year in arrears. If the property is rented out, this tax is payable for the days not let, but also a separate tax based on rental income has to be paid.

Despite many people choosing to ignore making this tax payment, we do not recommend this, as there are fines and penalties once non-payment is discovered.

What is needed to pay the tax?

We need you to email to us

– a copy of your property deeds in Spain
– a copy of your latest SUMA/IBI bill (or we can help you obtain this)
– a copy of your passport
– a copy of your NIE

We can calculate the tax, advise you of our fees for presenting the Return (much lower than many other offices in Spain), prepare the tax return once it is paid for, and provide you with a copy of the return once done. It is as simple as that for you.

What if you have never paid the tax?

If you have never paid non-resident tax and need some advice, please contact us. You may find that to put things right does not cost as much as you may imagine, and will save you many a sleepless night when you realise that, eventually, non-payment of these legal obligations will cause problems.

Are you a Resident of Spain?

Individuals are deemed as Residents if they meet any of these conditions:-

– they spend more than 183 days per the calendar year in Spain
– their main place of business is indirectly or directly located in Spain

Residents are taxed on worldwide income, and it is not a choice which you want to be. If you live here in Spain or your main place of business is here when you are deemed Resident, and as such, should check whether you need to make an annual Return “Renta”.

Please note that we do need to make payment of your non-resident tax before the end of November owing to the volume of returns that we make. 

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