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Testimonial for Spanish Solutions

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Amanda and the team at Spanish Solutions for their help and support in obtaining a Court Judgment to remove two large glass and aluminium structures, which had overshadowed our property for almost 5 years.

Throughout this period, we have been deprived of sunlight, views of the sea and swimming pool, privacy and the structures were incongruent, significantly affecting the aesthetic appearance of our urbanisation.

Having spent over three years writing letters to the Town Hall, Mayor, Councillors and the Community Administrator without success, we were advised by a neighbour to contact Spanish Solutions.  We firstly discussed the situation with Amanda, who listened to our problem and referred us to the Spanish barrister.

From our first meeting with him, we were filled with optimism and pleased to learn that our case had many legal precedents. Also, that he was confident we would be successful.  At the judicial hearing at Orihuela Court, we were very fortunate to be supported throughout by an authorised legal interpreter, who speaks perfect English.

As our advocate and barrister in the Court, the barrister represented us in a very professional manner and presented our case extremely well. Thanks to him we did not find the trial an ordeal, in fact, we left the Court feeling that we had received a fair hearing and only 3 days later, we were delighted to receive the Judge’s verdict that we had won the case.

Despite our neighbours appealing against the judgment to the Provincial High Court, the Tribunal resolved the appeal in our favour, thanks once again to our barrister’s persuasive and skilful contestation.

Finally, our neighbours have demolished the two structures and are currently in the process of restoring their property to its original condition.In our mid-seventies, we can now enjoy our breakfast on the terrace in the morning sunshine and once again, we have our view of the sea and the swimming pool.

You are a great team! We would not hesitate to use Spanish Solutions again and would certainly recommend you to anyone who has a similar problem.

We wish you and your Company Associates every success and thank you all once again for your help and support.

June 2017

June 7, 2018

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