Help with Inheritance Process


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Help with Inheritance Process

I would like to send praise and thanks to you for the excellent service Spanish Solutions gave to me once again.

Already being a satisfied customer of Spanish Solutions I had no hesitation who to contact when I was faced with a what I felt was a massive problem.

Myself and my family were still drowning in a tsunami of grief after losing my wonderful husband far too soon. I was dreading trying to spin through the emotional road to sort out our assets and probate through the Spanish legal system.

Unhelpful people has shared with me statements like  “it will be a minefield for you, a storm, you need to put it off”  Therefore this was a process and a meeting I really was actually dreading!

I met with Pedro and Amanda who instantly made me feel at ease as their professionalism along with sensitivity and compassion shone through. They had the complete case notes and all of the up to date information. I felt totally supported by them. They knew exactly what I needed to do and advised me of the best way in an uncomplicated way. They were in control of the process and were sharp and savvy. I was able to leave the rest to them in their capable hands in total confidence. They continued to keep in touch with me throughout, therefore  I knew exactly what was happening and when.

The next meeting was the end of the process when all legal paperwork and documentaion had been totally completed ready for me to sign. It was a great comfort to myself and my family as we were  reassured totally that Spanish Solutions were there for us, they were on our side. They had the expertise on every aspect of the process and made it so less stressful than it could have so easily have been without them.

I have no hesitaion in reccommending Spanish Solutions to anyone who needs to go through probate or have lost a partner and need legal support. They are definetly the company for me!!

Jan Campbell and family, Wirral, UK

20th June 2017

Jan Campbell June 7, 2018

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