Testimonial from Chinese Client


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Testimonial from Chinese Client

We were so pleased to receive this wonderful testimonial letter from a Chinese client. We have reproduced her English as it was, but it is such a great letter. It says a lot about the relationship between China and Spain and how these lovely people view this country.

I heard you are writing a book about Spain, I am sincerely admire your talent and happy for you! Remember the first time 13 hours fly long distances to come to Spain ali leftover, your office, SEAN and ELLENA with H and I went to the beach, near the city, the shops around the shop, I was attracted by the beautiful scenery and quiet life here.H regrets ground say: “life happiness index is not high in here!”
Thank you very much, busy two days, whole SEAN drive very hard with us in the urban area selected a set of the HOUSE, I am very satisfied.This HOUSE is my dream HOUSE, first of all, it is very beautiful!Three floors of large balcony sunshine, can let my child and I on the sunshine and the number of the stars at night.

The bedroom on the second floor of the room is very vital qi, the two rooms to the south, outside the room has a big balcony, very let me joy! West of a large bedroom with a bathroom and a balcony, feeling will have a good dream my inside!On the first floor of the hall has a very large area, atmosphere and style very much!Sunny and fireplace, Christmas my daughter and I can read in front of the fireplace and the game!On the first floor there is a toilet, kitchen and one in the workshop.Facilities is full and the work place is very big, I think my housework operation will be very handy!Outside on the first floor hall has a large terrace, terrace is a big garden outside.Can accommodate more than a dozen friends in the garden and terrace for rest and entertainment!

Second, my HOUSE’s geographical location and the surrounding environment is I am very satisfied.Beside the HOUSE, walk ten minutes is a very good school, thank ELLENA took us to visit that day, communicate with school teachers of the children learn.That school has rich experience in teaching, the teachers are very friendly and love!We introduced them to a Spanish citizenship has a wealth of experience in teaching foreign children, because their school children with nine different countries where reading, also asked me about children see also gave me some.This makes me very relieved and happy!Will have long left their own country and family life with children choose to live in Spain, children can get a good education is one of my mother’s biggest wish!In addition, house community environment is very good, my neighbor is British and Spanish.Look have higher literacy and very friendly manners!Feel and do their neighbors will be very happy.House on a hill, you can also see at a distance coastline, the whole community environment is very beautiful, clean swimming pool and other facilities is also very important!
When I come back to China, I bought the HOUSE photos first experience in Spain and I told my Chinese friends, they are very like my HOUSE, very impressive!I have relatives and friends in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand, they all know before I go to Spain have been looking for a New Zealand lawyer working on the New Zealand immigration visa formalities, why will change my mind to go to Spain?I told the I chose Spain reason to my friends.The first and the most important thing is the Spanish is a very important country in Europe, where there are beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.Life for children.Choose Europe because Europe has my child and I have a passion for the long history and culture, my child has a gift for her on the drawing!This in China, her painting talent to the teacher evaluation is very high, the teacher want us to do the parents to find the opportunity to develop more in this respect.But Europe is a paradise of art.Spain’s national in art is also a leader!Children like to dance, I want her to learn Spanish the world-famous paso doble, Flamenco, tango.

The Spanish language is also one of the five major languages in the world, the United States of California Asia, South America is very common in many parts of the world, not only in TORREVIEJA area has beautiful scenery and there are a lot of British people living in this area, I think my children live here and learning, can learn English and Spanish, that is my most happy things.After I think she can go to try to know more about the world when he grows up.Learn more knowledge, rich experience of her life.To become a useful person can make a little contribution in the world!This is my choice for children living in the main reason of Spain.Second, Spain and China has always been very good, the relationship between the two countries are friends, Spain’s prime minister, just to visit China this is known to all, the two countries economic cooperation in the future will be is a good time, I recommend all my friends can go to the Spanish national tourism, introduce them to Spain to see here rich in agricultural products and modern science and technology.There are a lot of business opportunities can be reference for them!

Here I thank you again for IAN and his colleagues in the company to give my help!When I apply for your visa formalities here will happily belt daughter lives to Spain!I look forward to an early to go to Spain in this beautiful and god of country!


10th October 2014

June 7, 2018

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