Testimonial regarding Car paperwork not received.


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Testimonial regarding Car paperwork not received.

In August last year, we purchased a car from a “Dealer” found in the classified ads of a well known used car website.

We went to the Gestoria and completed the purchase or what I thought was the purchase only to find out after a couple of months when the registration documents did not arrive in the post that the sale had not completed fully and the car had not been transferred into my name.  After weeks of going back and forth between the Gestoria and the seller, who stopped communicating with me, and getting nowhere, we searched Google and found Spanish Solutions and Amanda who took up our case for us.

Amanda and the Spanish Solutions team contacted the Gestoria, found out what the issue was and gave me a couple of options of how to complete the purchase.  Spanish Solutions then contacted the seller and somehow convinced him to provide the invoice for the sale to the Gestoria, something he had been avoiding doing, so the sale could be completed and I will pick up my documentation on my return to Spain in a couple of weeks.

Amanda took away all the stress and worry and sorted out what was a major issue for me in a matter of weeks, all for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Amanda and the team at Spanish Solutions to assist with your legal matters.

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15th January 2018

Patrick June 7, 2018

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