Renting your home in Spain 


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Rent in Spain

There are many things that you need to rent your home in Spain, not just a good estate agent. 

Spanish Solutions work with a number of top agents in the region from Alicante to Murcia and everywhere in between. 

Although we are “only” a law and taxation office, we have a Spanish property package that may suit you, save you time/stress and save you money.  

We literally have worked with thousands of landlords in Spain for various aspects of owning and renting residential and commercial property here. 

Here is what we provide to our landlords. 

(Please note we work with many Spanish property owners who didn’t use us for the conveyancing. Just because you are finding us late doesn’t mean you should not take full advantage of our excellent range of services!) 

Get your rental licence 

Firstly we make sure your property is legally allowed to be rented. It sounds like standard but in reality there is a lot of work involved in getting the relevant certificates to rent your Spanish home. Getting a tourism licence is not easy as you can see. 

Problems with Tourist Licence in Orihuela Costa

An important point on tourism licences for renting your home in Spain: There are two types of licences available, the one we get for you and the one an estate agent will get.

Generally if you apply for the tourism licence through a regular estate agent or rental agency you will have the wrong licence. The reason is it may restrict you to only ever rent your home through that particular agency. Work with Spanish Solutions and you can pick and choose (or change) Rental Estate agency whenever you wish. It’s illegal in Spain to rent your home privately with an agents licence – Just its worth making sure you get this right!  

We insist that our landlords get the personal licence, keeping all options open. Agents sometimes are just not so familiar with the laws rather than purposely getting the more limiting licence.  

Market your rental home in Spain

We can help you get tenants for your property in Spain by helping you make your listing more attractive. For example, we ́ll gladly help you to write a better description and we also work with a professional photographer to rent yor house.

You may well be thinking “what is the point in paying an estate agent if I do the work myself”?

It’s a fair point. However, if it speeds up the process and means you get more tenants looking at your listing we think it’s worthwhile to do the brochure, photos and description yourself and sending it to the agent. After all, you know the house better than anyone else so you should know what will attract quality clients to your house. 

We are not estate agents and we cannot do all the marketing for you, however, if you’d like to advertise your property privately we’ll help you to get your listing on AirBnB for short term listings or for long term lets. As mentioned previously, we are friendly and work with some great agents in the Alicante- Murcia regions. We are happy to introduce you, please just ask. 

Rental Contract – Make sure you have the law on your side

What about when something goes wrong? First thing is, limit the risk. We will write a rental contract for you if you’re renting privately or at least we can check out a contract offered to you by a broker or agent before you sign it. With the rental contract you can rent your home in Spain long term with no problem.

We need to make sure the tenant has paid a deposit, what is the charge from the agent etc- All vital information for you to have. 

If it goes badly wrong however- let’s say the tenant has no means to pay (I know you don’t like thinking about it) we pass the file immediately over to Spanish Solutions Solicitors

Usually once a client knows you have quality law expertise on your side they will move out on receipt of notice from us. If we need to go to court, of course we are willing to do so on your behalf. 

Pay your tax in Spain 

A wise man told me once that you should love paying taxes. The reason: If you ‘re paying tax in Spain, it means that you are making a profit from your Spanish property! 

Read more about Tax on Rental Income in Spain

We collaborate with Mari Carmen Poveda and she is available to discuss tax with you in our La Zenia office. Please make an appointment first. 

Being tax compliant in Spain is important and the excuse that you did not know that you had to pay tax is no longer valid. Our tax advice is all part of the package we put together for our landlords in Spain. 

Once you have outgrown the property:

Do you want to sell your property, donate it to a relative, upgrade the property, move to Spain and live in your home permanently? 

If you are using Spanish Solutions early in the process, we can help you to do whatever you wish with your home here. 

It costs the same or less to work with us as it does to go it alone so why not contact us and see what we can help you with today? 

Side Note: 

Do you own a Polaris World golf property- La Torre, El Vale, Riquelme, Terrazas de La Torre, Mar Menor Golf resort? We are getting more and more tenants who are looking to rent these properties. There are a couple of really good agents down there we recommend. Get in touch as we often hear that our clients are struggling to find trustworthy property management on these golf resorts

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