Income Tax (Individual Income tax for Non-Residents or Non-Resident tax)


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Non-Resident tax is the commonly used term for the income tax charged to Spanish property owners who are non-residents. Many people do not realise that regardless of whether or not their property in Spain is rented out, they have to pay this tax each year. It is an obligation.

When a property is owned by a married couple or various different people, each person listed on the Title Deeds is defined as an independent taxpayer, which means that an individual tax return must be separately filed by each of the co-owners.

If the property is only used by the owner and not let, the tax is based on an estimated income of the property´s cadastral value. The Return has to be presented and paid by 31st December each year, for the previous calendar year, thus a year in arrears. If the property is rented out, this tax is payable, but also a separate tax based on rental income.

Spanish Solutions are able to arrange non-resident income tax returns for property owners all over Spain, not just in our area. Whether your property is located in Barcelona, Madrid, Costa del Sol, or Galicia, we should be able to compute and pay your income tax as a non-resident property owner for you.

We merely need a copy of your property deeds, local property tax bill, and copies of your NIE number and passports. Our fees for non-resident tax returns are very reasonable and could even be considered cheap compared to other firms such as in the Costa del Sol .

If you wish to have peace of mind and save some money, then contact us.

The taxes need to be paid by the end of December 2018 for the year of 2017 but due to volumes we have a cut off point of the beginning of November so please contact us as soon as possible if you need our assistance.

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