Spanish Brexit guide


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Spanish Brexit guide

Dear clients,

We wrote this Spanish Brexit guide to help prepare our British friends and clients against the dangers of Brexit over a year ago. 

Much of the uncertainty still remains however so we think it is worth leaving it here. We are currently helping hundreds of British people ensure that the basics are all in place.

Some of the information has changed since last year so please check with us on how to Brexit Proof your property and assets in Spain. 

Quick quote from Garrigues advisors when we asked them for their views on Brexit, British residency in Spain and Usufructo owners.

Dear Ian,

There is no difference between the usufructo and the full ownership, for residency purposes in Spain.

In any case we expect that the UK and the UE will grant special residency permits to the British people that currently live in the UE.

This mean no real change for British people living here or for Spanish citizens that currently leave in the UK.

Jaime Escrivá Mayor

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